The tool for easy supplier onboarding. Provide an easy way to import and verify product data.


DATAROCKET Shuttle enables structured management of product data streams and improves the quality of the delivered data. Companies provide easy onboarding for their suppliers, allowing them to keep track of how they manage their suppliers and all product data.

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Supplier onboarding

  • Customized onboarding workflow for suppliers

  • Communication between suppliers and customers 

  • User management for each supplier, which ensures data protection and confidentiality

  • Document management for contracts, certificates, and other important documents

Das Bild zeigt eine Eingabemaske für das Lieferanten-Onboarding. Der Lieferant muss verschiedene Eingabefelder füllen mit Informationen und Zertifikaten.
Das Bild zeigt DATAROCKET Shuttle: Hier werden die Ziel-Systeme konfiguriert, in die die Produktdaten übernommen werden sollen

Data transfer

  • Data upload via CSV, Excel, and BMEcat

  • Mapping via dropdown for easy assignment of data fields 

  • Definition of required fields to ensure complete data 

  • Upload history for monitoring and tracking changes 

  • Uploading of shadow assortments for flexible management of products

Data processing

  • Data quality analysis for minimization of data errors

  • Data cleansing to optimize product salability

  • Management of shadow assortments so that customer requirements can be responded to in a flexible manner

  • Export of error lists for detailed analysis and fast correction of data errors

  • Rule-based text generation for fast and efficient maintenance of product data

  • Log files and reports for traceability

  • Item discontinuation process for effective product inventory management

Das Bild zeigt hochgeladene Produktdaten eines Lieferanten in DATAROCKET Shuttle inklusive farbig markierter fehlerhafter oder geänderter Datensätze
Das Bild zeigt die hochgeladenen Produktdaten eines Lieferanten in DATAROCKET Shuttle

Data rejection

  • Updating datasets selectively and according to attributes

  • Defining quality gates

  • Approval of data uploads in a central view for all suppliers

  • Configurable workflows for data cleansing and review

  • Interfaces to standard systems

Suppliers management


The self-service portal accelerates time-to-market and enables faster preparation of supplier products for sale. The automated data quality check improves the quality of the product data and the customer experience in the store. DATAROCKET Shuttle also offers a flexible solution for managing shadow assortments. The tool is independent of the merchandise management or shop system used and leads to significant cost and time savings.


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Our articles and publications on the topic of product data and supplier onboarding. Use cases and white papers on the use of DATAROCKET Shuttle in the company.