Modern Master Data Management (MDM) with DATAROCKET Core

Master Data Management software
for enhanced data quality.


DATAROCKET Core is a modern Master Data Management (MDM) system that enables the management and control of all enterprise data in one central location. Our MDM allows you to define and enforce data quality standards, clean up duplicates and inconsistencies, and improve overall data quality. DATAROCKET Core thus ensures the consistency, accuracy, and completeness of data while also featuring extended analysis and reporting options. Simple workflows make it easy to create and maintain data.


Centralized data management

  • Linking of systems and data sources 

  • DHW, ERP, files, data lakes, API, DBs, and custom solutions 

  • Synchronous in every direction: read and write in batch, stream, or real-time mode 

  • Automated data mapping for linking with reference data models 

  • Custom creation of business data models

Das Bild zeigt die Übersicht von Geschäftsobjekten (Business Objects) in einer linken Tabelle und davon rechts dieRelationen innerhalb der Geschäftsobjekte in DATAROCKET Core
Das Bild zeigt einen Anlageworkflow zur Anlage von Geschäftspartner Daten. Es gibt Eingabefelder für verschiedene notwendige Felder. Fehlerhaften Eingaben sind rot markiert

Data management

  • Find and manage golden records – the MDM tool as a single point of truth

  • Custom workflows for data creation, data cleansing, and duplicate cleansing

  • Fine-grained authorization processes and change approval 

  • Historization & audit

Higher data quality (DQ)

  • Manage data quality directly in the MDM tool 

  • Wide range of DQ rules for each domain 

  • Formulation of own DQ rules

  • Data submission

  • Data validation and verification of address information, VAT IDs, sanctions lists, PEP lists, ... 

  • Automated data cleansing


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We support you implementing DATAROCKET Core into your IT system architecture. We offer a wide range of interfaces and web service connections.

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Portrait Andy Killat

Andy Killat
Product Owner

More success in the team


  • Easily integrate all common systems and in-house developments using numerous interfaces

  • Stay informed about whether integrations are up-to-date and functioning properly

  • Integrate your own requirements into the MDM tool within the framework of development partnerships

Data stewards

  • Quickly and easily access validated records

  • Clean up and fill in gaps in incorrect data

  • Receive notifications about incorrect or invalid data

  • Detect, compare, and merge duplicates

  • Manage and approve data changes using custom workflows and role-based permissions

Business User 

  • Graphical evaluation of data quality – including trends over time

  • Integration of data quality evaluations into the user interface and for integration into the BI tool

  • Display of hierarchies and relationships in the datasets